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A heart to connect and serve Chinese Believers and Non-Believers in the London community. We speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be God’s witnesses and disciples through cross cultural ministry in London, Ontario. We provide those who come to North Park to learn about the Gospel (Good News) in Chinese and English. There are 3 elements to our mission: IDENTITY, ACTION and HEART FOR THE LOST.

Our Vision and Mission

Chinese Ministry Pastoral Team

This ministry is part of North Park Community Church and was started in May 2001.

Our leadership team consists of lay volunteers who are members of North Park Community Church. We work with our Executive Lead Pastor, to provide governance for Chinese Ministry and ensure our members are growing spiritually and protected from false doctrines or teachings. As well, we strive to create and foster an environment of teaching and Christian discipleship.

Current Leadership Team:

  • Wayne Lem – Chair
  • Xiang Ruan - Interim Pastor
  • Richard Fung - Lay Pastor
  • Betty Tam
  • Ke Liu
  • Sean Yuan